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  •   At a glance, one can observe Tot World Child Care Centre providing optimum conditions for the child's continuing growth and development. Our staff makes inference about his/her learning requirement base on close observation. These interpretations guide the teacher in planning and implementing those activities which are most relevant to the child's needs.      Play Ground


    Enrollment in and participation in the Centre is a new experience for you and your child. Remember that this is a very big step for a young child. Although you have many years of experience with people, your child's exposure to other adult's playmates and strangers may be very limited.

    You have no need to worry about how your child will behave while in our care. Our care and attention is responsive to the young age and limited experience of each child. The child is bringing all he/she has to meet this new situation. He/she has limited self-control. He/she is a very young child trying himself/herself out against a world is quite different from ours.

    At the centre, we endeavor to create as many opportunities as possible to allow your child to explore, create, dig, build, swing, touch, listen and watch. This is how each child learns and grows. We hope you and your child will enjoy your first visit and that you understand that it will take some time to bring things into focus. It is wise to avoid urging or pushing your child to enter any activity. Each child reacts to a new situation differently and we are confident that each child will participate but only when they are ready. Children seem to feel stronger when they do things on their own; and when they do, it makes the experience truly theirs and meaningful.

    We are confident that the experiences to be gained at the centre will provide real assistance to each child by building confidence and providing meaningful experiences.

      Tel: (416) 638-3003
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